Back/sponsor the movie of Peace Old Jazz Band: World’s oldest Band

I have never done before something like this: backing/sponsoring a media project. In this case it was a documentary/musical movie about Peace Old Jazz Band: World’s oldest Band, from Shanghai. See them on YouTube:

and on fb

Time to tell the world about it!

Old Peace Jazz Band

Project by Flying Moon, Berlin, Germany – Helge Albers:

through ingenious funding scheme

As one of my most valuable CD/vynil is “Tribute to the Swinging Pioneers of Malta”, double CD of memories from the time of Valletta bars and NATO soldiers, this one brings similar feelings and joy of music.

It is a documentary movie by German cineast Uli Gaulke who says:

“We have finished principal photography on the film. The film was shot over a period of almost one year from June 2011 until April 2012.
We are currently in the process of editing. We expect the editing to be finished by October 2012, so a launch in early 2013 is a very realistic goal, meaning you will see the results of your support very soon.”

Uli Gaulke is from former GDR, Schwerin capital of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania – my second home. His previous films are “Comrades in Dreams”, “Havanna, mi amor” and “Pink Taxi”.

They need another $ 7500 (out of $25000 as pledging amount) in order to pay music rights, as you will learn from the Video trailer on

and there are only 3 days left! I hope it will pick-up as eBay auctions on the last day. Support them and spread the word.

One thought on “Back/sponsor the movie of Peace Old Jazz Band: World’s oldest Band

  1. LATEST NEWS – two days before closing.
    The project stands now on staggering $22800
    as there was a big backer with $5000 becoming an associate producer,
    and has a very good chance to reach the goal.

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