One WordPress per website. While most people use WP as a replacement to traditional website due to its multifaceted structure it may also feature as a parallel info-site, or another chapter of the website, which emphasizes blogging nature of WP.

The IATELIER project/website brings together informatics and design aspects.
On this WP site main themes are chess, stamps and music.
The presentation and content tend to fulfil synergy between information dissemination and art/design.

The author is an active correspondence chess player (highest ICCF rating 2169;  6th place in USCF 2011 ElectronicKnights cycle) and an avid stamp collector. As with the connection between informatics and design — it appears that there is also a connection between chess and stamps in the form of thematic chess motifs on stamps.

Music themes revolve around core denominations of soul / R&B, blues / jazz.

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